Tiny 2-week-old Kitten, Little Fighter

Tiny 2-week-old Kitten, Little Fighter


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Three tiny 2-week-old kittens were found starving by the Cat House on the Kings after they lost their mother. Soon they discovered that one of the kittens named Bubbles came with "an injury of some sort" that would require surgery.

At such tender age, surgery is a very risky choice, but that was the only possible way to keep the tiny little guy alive. "After working so hard to bring him this far, we're not ready to give up on him."

So the next day, they took Bubbles to the operation room despite the risks. The fragile little bottle baby made it through. "Tammy (the fosterer) was able to get her to eat several times (after the surgery)... the rest of the time she stayed snug and warm on a heating pad in her little blanketed carrier. The vet said that all of her intestines had been entangled in a knot and he did his best to untangle them."

One day after the surgery, Bubbles gained a much bigger appetite and was doing better by the minute.

It's amazing how resilient the little kitten is despite her age. Bubbles is a little fighter who doesn't give up on life.

Bubbles, tiny 2-week-old kitten, needs surgery to save her life

just one day after the surgery, Bubbles is eating like a champ!

Photos by The Cat House on the Kings. Follow them on Facebook.

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