Feral Kitten Found in Pouring Rain, What a Difference One Day Can Make


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A young couple spotted a tiny feral kitten on the side of the road in the pouring rain. They immediately stopped their car and ran to retrieve the little kitten.

Meet Mizu!

Courtesy: Kylan Ames and Alysse Banta

"When we saw her she was on a grass lawn in front of a closed auto shop. She was walking toward those pillars on the left," Kylan Ames told Love Meow.

Kylan and his girlfriend Alysse Banta came upon this little kitty, completely drenched in rain water. They couldn't tell what colored fur she had at the time, and the kitten was a bit scared when they tried to approach her.

"When we first found her she was definitely on the run from something."

They picked her up, brought her into their car, and it was then they noticed her lip was injured and the little buddy was shaking and completely exhausted.

Courtesy: Kylan Ames and Alysse Banta

"She sat in Alysse's hands until we got to the vet she worked at," Kylan said.

Alyssa kept the kitten close to her and comforted her along the way. Mizu was very quiet but was glad to be saved. "She used the litter box without any help on the first day."

Courtesy: Kylan Ames and Alysse Banta

Mizu was quiet and slept through her first day at her foster home, so her body could recuperate. "She had an upper respiratory infection and some eye problems. She wasn't meowing, and didn't meow the entire first day," Kylan said.

They dried the kitten up with a towel and put her in a comfortable bed filled with soft, warm blankets. The resident cat P-Kitty came to check on her new friend.

Courtesy: Kylan Ames and Alysse Banta

Then suddenly she began to meow and just kept meowing.

Mizu discovered her new found energy and she was so excited that she wanted to explore and play.

Courtesy: Kylan Ames and Alysse Banta

"She was put on antibiotics for an upper respiratory infection, given eye drops for her goopy eye, and some wound gel for her lip," Kylan told Love Meow.

Her infected eye was looking much better, as well as her lip. "A week later, it was almost impossible to tell she was even injured at all."

Courtesy: Kylan Ames and Alysse Banta

The little tortie kitten was still very tiny but she had a personality that was larger than life.

"This shall be my blanket now."

Courtesy: Kylan Ames and Alysse Banta

They got her new toys and she loved them!

Courtesy: Kylan Ames and Alysse Banta

Napping with her rescuer was her favorite thing to do.

Kylan didn't have the heart to move when Mizu fell asleep on his arm.

"A few weeks after that, she was taken to her new home, where she now lives with two older cats," Kylan told Love Meow.

Courtesy: Kylan Ames and Alysse Banta

"She's very energetic and playful."

Mizu playing with her big brother Pippin the cat at her forever home!

Courtesy: Kylan Ames and Alysse Banta

It's been a month since they found her in the pouring rain. The kitten was in poor shape and so tired she couldn't move, but after just one day, the little tortie really came around.

Now she has a permanent lap to sleep in every day. Mizu is happy and loved.

Courtesy: Kylan Ames and Alysse Banta

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