Man Finds Tiny Newborn Kitten Alone In the Rain


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A tiny kitten was found in the rain not too long after he was born. The man who spotted the kitten knew he had to help.

The kitty fell asleep in his rescuer's hand on the night he was rescued.

Photo: Ray Vargas

Ray Vargas picked up a little orphaned kitten when it was raining one night. "I found him on a rainy night, abandoned on the roof of the shed in my backyard. Just followed his meowing," Vargas told Love Meow.

"This little orphan did not appreciate being left out in the rain...," he said.

"I picked up a kitten feeder kit complete with formula and bottle." Vargas fed kitten and kept him warm all night.

"Welcome to life; not a bad 10 day start for this fighter."

Photo: Ray Vargas

When he took the tiny fur baby to the vet's for the first time, the kitty weighed in at less than an ounce!

Finally eyes opened! Getting his first good look at the world.

Photo: Ray Vargas

He learned to climb onto his human's shoulder.

Photo: Ray Vargas

"8 weeks since this guy decided to crash my life."

Photo: Ray Vargas

"Working from home is not so easy with this guy around."

Photo: Ray Vargas

Trying to help his human with his art work.

Photo: Ray Vargas

He loves his human!

They named him Bagheera and he's all grown up now!

Photo: Ray Vargas

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