Newborn Kitten Found in the Cold and Rain Turned Around by Love


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A tiny newborn kitten was found out in the cold and rain. A kind woman couldn't believe her eyes when she saw the lifeless kitten lying on the ground. As soon as she spotted a heart beat, she knew there was hope.

Photo by Amadeus

A mother of a family found a lifeless kitten lying on the ground in the rain. The kitten was completely drenched in rain water and was not moving except for the faint heart beats. Her umbilical cord was still attached to her tiny body.

Amadeus shared the story with Love Meow: "Mom found the kitten on the road and thought she was dead. She took a photo of the kitten before she was about to bury her. Then she realized that the kitten was still alive. So she ran to the vet's with the kitten in her hands. My mother had to pay 57€ even though doctors are free in France, not vets. We are not rich, so this was a lot of money for her, but she didn't mind."

She wrapped up the kitten in a paper bag, the only thing she could find while hurrying to the vet's.

Photo by Amadeus

"My mom and my little brother are taking care of her now, they named her Iris," Amadeus said.

Photo by Amadeus

They cleaned up the kitten and prepared blankets so the tiny baby wouldn't feel cold. When they started feeding the little kitten, it brought her to life!

They saw this precious furry creature getting better in front of their eyes. As the kitten was scarfing down the food, her ears wiggled away and they knew she was going to be all right.

Photo by Amadeus

She's hugging her favorite bottle during a nap.

Photo by Amadeus

Iris getting her first belly rubs!

Photo by Amadeus

The kitten's eyes are starting to open now!

Photo by Amadeus

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