Kitten Found During Hurricane Storms Can't Stop Purring After Being Saved

Kitten Found During Hurricane Storms Can't Stop Purring After Being Saved


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A tiny kitten, who survived Hurricane Matthew, couldn't stop purring and snuggling with her rescuer when she was saved the second time.

Meet Princess Purricane.

Courtesy: Ashley @otownfosterkitties

A tiny kitten was meowing all alone during Hurricane storms. She was taken to the county shelter, waiting in a cage with an uncertain fate. After what she had gone through, the little kitten was in need of some serious TLC.

"She was found wandering a street in downtown Orlando (FL) during Hurricane Matthew, completely alone without a mom or siblings," Ashley of The Pixel Fund told Love Meow.

The shelter was not be able to hold the kitten for long, and time was ticking. As soon as Ashely learned about the situation, she hit the road and was on her way to rescue the kitten. "She had survived the hurricane, she deserved a chance out of the shelter."

Courtesy: Ashley @otownfosterkitties

"She meowed all during the mile-long trip home in her carrier. As soon as I took her out and held her, she started purring, even though she was absolutely matted with dirt and blood," Ashley told Love Meow.

"She is around 4 weeks, but her growth is stunted - hence the big eyes."

Courtesy: Ashley @otownfosterkitties

"I gave her a bath and realized she had a very bad case of fleas - so bad the water ran red. But even though she had a cold and was underweight and dehydrated, she has a great appetite."

The little fur baby was fighting hard to live.

Courtesy: Ashley @otownfosterkitties

Two days later, after a lot of love, good food, a few baths, and around-the-clock care, little Purricane is running around playing, purring nonstop and giving lots of kisses.

Courtesy: Ashley @otownfosterkitties

"She is a little fighter and I think she is going to be just fine," Ashley told Love Meow.

No one knows exactly how the kitten ended up in the storms alone.

"My thought is that the mom may have been trying to move her babies to a safe, dry location, and wasn't able to move the whole litter successfully. My guess is just based on that often happening during rainstorms."

Courtesy: Ashley @otownfosterkitties

Little Purricane is so grateful to be in a warm, dry home with plenty of food to eat and endless supply of cuddles. "She loves burrowing inside the blanket on top of her heating pad."

"She is so cuddly and when I'm holding her she purrs and tries to make biscuits on my chin and licks me all over."

She knows she's in good hands now.

Courtesy: Ashley @otownfosterkitties

Princess Purricane plays with some surrogate kitty friends.

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