Tiny Rescue Black Kitty: Then & Now

Tiny Rescue Black Kitty: Then & Now


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His name is Black Dot, found in an office among a pile of things. Yang Min-chi and his teacher discovered a litter of kittens and this tiny black kitty was one of those who survived.

They thought a cat mother must have come in through the windows to give birth. They waited and hoped that the mother would return, and she did, but she left a couple of kittens behind, including Black Dot.

Min-chi picked up the kittens and took them home. Black Dot and his sister came out strong (full story).

Today, this adorable black kitty has grown into a little panther. He is full of love and gratitude. "Someone once told me that a person can have many pets, but in the eyes of these lovely animals, they only have you as their companion. That’s why I want to be there for them and cherish every moment with them," said Min-chi.


All grown up today!

Photos courtesy of ©Yang Min-chi

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