Top Reasons Why Cats Lose Their Homes

Top Reasons Why Cats Lose Their Homes


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Every year there are hundreds of animals relinquished to animal shelters. A survey done by the National Council on Pet Population Study concluded the following reasons to be the top reasons for cats being surrendered to shelters:

  1. Too many cats in home
  2. Allergies to cats
  3. Personal problems
  4. Moving or relocating
  5. landlord issues
  6. Inadequate facilities
  7. house soiling
  8. issues with other pets

Too many cats in home

Cat owners need to be mindful about how many cats they are able to handle without affecting the cats' health and overall well-being. Knowing your limit is a very important thing to avoid returning your kitties to shelters.

Allergies to cats

You should always check your allergy history or with a doctor before adopting a cat. With cat allergies, there are medications that can help control them. However, cat owners need to make the best decision for them and the cats should they have any type of cat allergy.

Personal problems

There are various personal reasons that lead to surrendering their cats. One of them is insufficient time to take care of their cats. If cat owners are simply too busy to interact or feed their cats, it is likely that they will give up on them. Unfortunately, some people lose their interest in their cats as they grow older. They are no longer as cute as when they were little kittens. Remember having a cat is a long term responsibility. Cats are precious living creatures that should be cared and loved at all ages.

Moving or relocating

Many people are challenged when they are moving to a different location especially if it is far from where they are. There are airlines that allow pets on board. The service usually charges a fee but it is definitely worth relocating your cats with you unless there are underlining health concerns.

Landlord issues

Some cat owners are forced to relinquish their cats because their landlord has banned them from keeping pets in the apartment. A few things we need to remember: 1. always check with your landlord prior to adopting a cat. 2. never go beyond the limit set by your landlord. 3. keep your apartment clean, so your landlord or your neighbors will not have any complaint.

House Soiling

House soiling is one of the top reasons why people give up on their cats. When it comes to abnormal defecating behavior, cat owners should look for the cause [See Abnormal Cat Defecating Behavior] before turning in their cats.

Issues with other pets

Often when a new cat and an established cat or dog do not seem to get along no matter how the owners have tried, many cat owners will resort to relinquishing the new comer. My advice is always give the pets more time to get to know each other. Their initial meetings can be rough and they may seem to be hostile toward each other. That's because they are not used to each other's scents and feel threatened as a result. Over time, as they become more familiar with one another, they will bond. It is a matter of time, but you can expedite the process by following the steps mentioned in Cat Aggression Problem.


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