Trixie and Rex Found New Home

Trixie and Rex Found New Home


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Trixie and Rex, two fuzzy little guys just found their forever loving home. There were rescued near a house when they were spotted as little feral kittens.

Trixie is the black kitten who is sweet and playful. It's hard to resist that adorable little face, when she meows at you for love and attention. Rex on the other hand is quite the mischief maker. He goes around the house, wreaking havoc, and it is no surprise that he will drag Trixie along with him into his little funny antics. They always manage to keep their family entertained and there is not a moment of boredom when you are with them.

The two little furballs are having a blast in their new home. They adore their momma and absolutely love it when they are spending time with her.

Trixie and Rex will never need to wander alone anymore. Now they have good food, a warm and wonderful home and all the love and attention they can ask for.

Photos courtesy of ©Sam (flickr: tofu_catgirl).

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