Turtle the Attic Kitty Survives Against All Odds

Turtle the Attic Kitty Survives Against All Odds


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A tiny week old stray kitten was spotted in an attic in West Houston, Texas where he was the only survivor of his litter according to Thomas M. [edit: the stray cat mother and the rest of the litter didn't make it] it was incredible how he made it through the heat and lack of food, but the little guy was a fighter and hung in there until someone heard cries from the attic and had him rescued.

They took him to the vet and had him treated for an eye infection. The little guy was otherwise healthy and became stronger every day. They named him Turtle. "After healing an eye infection and nursing it until adoption age, Turtle was adopted [to a loving home] in Richmond Texas," said Thomas M.

Turtle thankful to be saved

Cuddling with his human

Exploring his new home

Photos courtesy of ©Thomas Motyka.

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