Twisty Legged Kitty Lives a Purrfectly Happy Life

Twisty Legged Kitty Lives a Purrfectly Happy Life


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Pretzel the twisty legged kitty proves that you don't have to be 'perfect' to live a PURRFECTLY happy life!

Kitten Rescue Los Angeles volunteer Laura Hawthorne wrote: "These babies (Pretzel and her siblings) were born on June 19th and within hours of their birth they were dumped at a local animal control facility, presumably to be euthanized. As a notorious 'sucker' for both abandoned newborns and special needs kittens, I was contacted about bottle feeding and caring for these fragile little angels."

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"I cleaned the babies up as best I could, and began tube feeding them a special homemade formula until they stabilized and adjusted to nursing on a bottle.

The babies traveled to work with me each day so they could be fed every two hours around the clock. Pretzel began to gain weight and show developmental milestones appropriate for her age. "

Pretzel was the only one survived in her litter. She never gave up and grew bigger and stronger everyday in her foster home.

"She faces mobility challenges, but despite the crappy hand she was dealt, she's a very active, playful and sweet kitten that purrs the second you pick her up. Because she's been this way since birth, she has no idea she's different from other kittens. She scoots around quite well and is a happy little camper. While her life may never be that of the average kitty, she will surely shine in her own way. "

"I delivered my sweet twisty kitten Pretzel to her new home where she was met with lots of loving attention. A very sweet young lady and her college roommate found Pretzel on the Kitten Rescue website and began following her on my Facebook page. The both admitted to shedding more than a few tears when they watched the videos. They fell in love instantly and longed to add Pretzel to their little family," Laura added.

Watch this touching story: twisty legged kitty Pretzel.

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