Two Best Buddies

Two Best Buddies


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Rice, the ginger kitten was abandoned on the street and later rescued by Tifa when he was only a few weeks old. Blue, the white cat used to be a stray and had a few litters of kittens before she was rescued and homed by Tifa. The two met each other and they have been inseparable ever since.

"It happened around November last year. When I started fostering Rice. I had no idea when they decided to bond. It could be the cold weather that drew them closer. Rice became so attached to Blue that he acted as if she were his mother."

Blue is very protective of Rice and offers lots of love and care. She watches over him when he goes out to play and cuddles him every time he naps.

"I was thinking about finding Rice a home, but right now I think he is here to stay," said Tifa.

Photos by ©Tifa.


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