Two Kittens Rescued and Raised By a Garbage Man, Their Journey in Videos


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A garbage man found two tiny orphan day-old kittens in a brush pile. "I couldn't leave them there," he said.

"Simon has needed the most love and attention (he got sick and weak a couple times - but he's fine now), if he were left in the alley where we collected the brush pile that day, I know in my heart he would not be alive right now.

This is one of the most rewarding things I've done. Every time I look at them, I know that I made the right choice. It makes me very happy to have given them both a loving home."

A garbage man found two tiny kittens one day while on a route:

"Yes, we kept the kittens." They named them Simon and Raphael. Their house cat took to them right away.

The kitties grew bigger and stronger!

All grown up! Look how beautiful Simon, Raphael are!

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