Two Snuggly Cuddly Ex-feral Kittens

Two Snuggly Cuddly Ex-feral Kittens


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These two tiny fuzzballs were born feral. They were rescued from a neighborhood and we brought them to a good home where they learned to use a litter box, play with a cat tree, socialize with people and run around the house like they own it.

They are around 6 weeks old. Though they are from the same litter, they are 2 different characters with big purrsonalities. The little cow kitty is mellow, loves to demand for attention and cling to her humans like glue. Her brother, the tabby, is playful and curious and is quite a rascal. One thing they absolutely have in common is that they don't nap without each other by their side. They never let each other out of their eye shot and do and share everything together. We have found them their forever loving home. Now all they need is their names. Any suggestions?


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