Update: Pretzel the Blind Kitten Born with "Backwards" Legs

Update: Pretzel the Blind Kitten Born with "Backwards" Legs


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Plucky Pretzel Wonder or Pretzel for short was born with backwards hind legs and rescued from the middle of the road by Carmen Bernard, who fell in love with the little wonder kitty. Pretzel is 100% blind. Despite what the doctor said about little Pretzel's low chances of survival, Carmen never gave up on her. With a lot of love, Pretzel started purring one day. It was then she knew that she was going to be all right [Full story of the rescue].

Today, Pretzel has been given a chance to have her leg straightened. She is doing very well wearing her colorful brace. Her story has inspired many people. She is on her way to a full recovery. Here are her updates:

Pretzel in her pretty purple brace. She looks like she is praying.

Taking a nap, Pretzel style

It's my bed!

Pretzel loves her doggie friends and always plays with them and takes naps with them. A bath is sometimes necessary as a result.

Just got a new brace at the vet.

Look what I can do!

Pretty and happy Pretzel

Photos courtesy of That Little Kitty That Could.

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