Videos Kitten Loves Raspberries and Strawberries

Videos Kitten Loves Raspberries and Strawberries


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Flickr: isazappy

The reason cats sometimes eat a vegetarian diet such as grass, fruits or vegetables is because they want to cleanse their digestive system. However, grapes or raisins are not good for cats because they can cause renal problems. It is OK for cats to have a little bit of safe fruits or veggies once in a while, but since they are obligate carnivores, it is not recommended for them to consume too much of such foods.

The kitten from the videos is named Stewie who is a fruit lover. However eating a raspberry or half a strawberry seems to be a lot of work for the little one. Check out the videos below to meet Stewie the fruit loving cat:

Cat Eats a Raspberry:

Cat Eats a Strawberry:

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