Woman's Dogs Lead Her To Kitten In Trash Can

Woman's Dogs Lead Her To Kitten In Trash Can


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This is proof yet again that animal rescue is a community effort. Meet Libby the cat.

Tenth Life shares the story: "...a woman was walking her dogs through a public park - a detour from her normal route due to construction. Without warning, the dogs insistently dragged their human towards an isolated trash can near a baseball field. As she approached, the woman heard little meows coming from the bottom of the deep, empty can. In the bottom, was a soaked-to-the-bone kitten. Immediately, the rescuer scooped Libby up and got her to the vet."

And what a difference a day makes! Libby is warm, dry, and enjoying a new life with us. She'll be up for adoption soon!

A tiny kitten was found in a trash can by a woman whose dogs alert her to the kitten

What a difference a day makes!

Photos by Tenth Life. Follow them on Facebook.

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