Woman Runs into Storm to Save Soaked Kitten Crawling in the Middle of Street..

Woman Runs into Storm to Save Soaked Kitten Crawling in the Middle of Street..


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It was pouring rain when a young woman spotted a tiny kitten completely soaked, struggling and trying to crawl in the middle of the street. She jumped out of her car into the storm to save the kitten.

Meet little Stormy.

Courtesy: dolce_118

"I was driving home from work, a big storm just rolled through. Lighting thunder and a down pour. By the time I was off work the storm was just letting up," reddit user dolce_118 told Love Meow.

"It was already dark too, about 8:30pm. I was singing to a song that I liked on the radio when suddenly this 'thing' caught my eye."

She couldn't tell what it was at first but it just kept moving. Suddenly she realized it was a kitten. "She was meowing and trying to belly crawl and was soaked."

Immediately she stopped her car before the kitten got any closer. "I threw on my hazards, took my jacket off and scooped her as quick as I could. Poor thing was soaked and shaking."

Courtesy: dolce_118

"There's a big feral cat population by my work. I've seen tons of strays in the woods. My guess is the mom cat was trying to move her babies somewhere safe when the strom hit and dropped one," she told Love Meow.

The weather was relentless. The tiny kitten wouldn't have survived much longer on her own. The young lady took the little orphaned baby in her car and was on her way home.

Courtesy: dolce_118

"I drove home with the kitten wrapped in my jacket holding her as close to me as possibly so I could keep her warm," she told Love Meow.

Once they got home, she ran straight to the bathroom, grabbed a towel and started drying the kitten off. Her boyfriend went to get litter and formula while she was caring for the kitten.

The little tortie girl had a full belly and a warm bed that night. She wouldn't leave her rescuer's side.

The kitten quickly stole their hearts. After a trip to the vet and a clean bill of health, they knew they simply couldn't part with their little feline friend.

Courtesy: dolce_118

"I still can't believe I was able to spot this little ball of fluff in the dark and rain," she said.

"I've never rescued a kitten this way or had one so small! This little ball of fluff came into my life. She certainly makes me smile."

Courtesy: dolce_118

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