Your 12 Favorite Cat Videos from 2010

Your 12 Favorite Cat Videos from 2010


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How many kitties are sleeping?

A litter of rescued kittens are sharing their foster mom’s lap and taking a nap together. Guess how many kitties there are?

This kitten is giving herself a cute bath. She cleans her toesies, face, and ocassionally noms on her mommy fingers.

This lovely kitten is snoozing on her back with her tiny little paws sticking up and arms spread to the side like a pair of wings. She is probably dreaming of flying.

This kitty is loving his purrfect new hiding spot! A McDonald's bag has never looked so adorable before.

Who said cats and birds can't get along? These two little guys seem to have broken all the stereotypes about cats and birds.

This adorable ginger kitty is literally head over heels for his best buddy the Guinea Pig.

This is so cute that you will Aww in bliss :). Little kitten is giving his teddy bear a big squeeze!

These little fosters can't wait to eat and start climbing their foster dad's legs while he is busy mixing the formula.

Maru is given many boxes that are maybe a little too small for his size, but nothing is impossible for Maru.

Little Holly sees her own reflection in the mirror for the very first time. Needless to say, she is surprised by the little "intruder!"

This cute little fuzzball is duking it out with a paper bag.

These are hands-down the best directors. Check out this first ever movie filmed by cats.

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