Zamboni the Tuxedo Cat

Zamboni the Tuxedo Cat


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Zamboni was born to a stray cat mama who was rescued when she was very pregnant (His litter mates are: Godiva, Guinness, Gizmo, Finch, and Kiwi). Here is his story.

Written by ©Jean.

I can't even begin to describe what a wonderful lump of love this boy is. Zamboni has been devoted to Godiva since 3 days old, snuggling, eating, playing with his sister. His devotion to Godiva led to his remaining in our house, and Zamboni has been a fantastic addition to the crew.

Some cats eat to live, and I have several examples of that in my house, but Zamboni lives to eat. Nothing is more important to him. Unfortunately, he's not active enough to burn off all those calories, so he is now on a diet. This big boy is the soundest sleeper in the house and doesn't rouse easily unless food is involved. . . and then it's a hoot to watch him battle his overwhelming urge to sleep as he buries his face in his dish.

Amusingly, Zamboni has always adept at making others clean him. . . why bother expending that energy? Even our dog Bogart provides Zamboni with occasional baths. To this day Zamboni meanders around asking all the cats to bathe him until someone obliges. He's a spoiled rotten little boy.

One of the amazing features of Zamboni is his open acceptance of other critters. Yes, his playful endeavors at the expense of older cats are not always welcome (he's been the biggest cat in the house since 10 months old), but he plain old doesn't understand why they don't welcome his cuddling when he is all done playing.

Photos courtesy of ©Jean (flickr: wee3beasties).

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