Tiny Kitten Orphaned at 1 Day Old Wouldn't Let Go of His New Mom


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This little orphaned kitten was the only survivor of his litter and never knew how it was like to have a mom until now. He wouldn't let go of his new mama.

Meet Eli the kitten.

Courtesy: @foster_kittens

Little Eli was just one day old when they found him with his deceased siblings. He was bottle fed from that day on. The tiny tabby kitten yearned for the love from a cat mama.

Madeline the cat and her kittens were taken into their foster home in Seattle Washington for a second chance at life.

Cindy of foster_kittens became their caregiver and hoped Madeline would accept the little motherless kitten. When the sweet mama cat met Eli, she took to him and claimed him as her own.

When Eli came to Cindy, he was a wee kitten who just wanted to be loved.

Courtesy: @foster_kittens

Eli adores his new mom but doesn't know how to nurse. "Kittens who are bottle-fed get used to a different type of drinking. He hasn't stopped purring since he got here."

Mama Madeline gives him a bath to welcome him into her family.

Courtesy: @foster_kittens

After a bottle of milk, he snuggled up with mama and the other kittens for a nap. "He seems to love having a family," Cindy said.

"I keep thinking of how Madeline's first litter of kittens didn't survive (before she came to me) .... and how Eli was the only survivor of his litter. What a sweet mom Madeline has been to Eli."

Courtesy: @foster_kittens

"Kittens who have been bottle fed are typically smaller than kittens who nursed from a mom, but they soon catch up once they eat solid food," Cindy said.

Eli quickly became very attached to his mama Madeline.

Courtesy: @foster_kittens

"A great benefit of bottle babies is they love people: they are snuggly and purry and totally absorbed in their human," Cindy said. "There's nothing quite like having a tiny, well-fed, purry kitten crawl up under your neck and fall fast asleep."

After getting bottle fed by Cindy, Eli joins the cuddle puddle with his mama and siblings. He can't get enough of the love.

Courtesy: @foster_kittens

The little tabby boy has really bonded with his cat momma.

"Madeline and I have a good routine with little Eli: I bottle feed him, then she cleans him up and potties him," Cindy said.

Courtesy: @foster_kittens

Her kittens adore their adopted brother too. It's a snuggly lovey purr pile.

Courtesy: @foster_kittens

Eli doesn't know how to nurse from his mama, but he loves snuggling with her. It makes him a very happy kitty.


Eli has been adopted!

Photo: @danger_neener

Happy and loved!

Photo: @danger_neener

Eli all grown up now!

Photo: @danger_neener

Cute Eli!

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