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10+ Office Kitties Take on Various Responsibilities for Their Humans


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These office kitties have pretty impressive jobs and they do not just sit around all day. Cats make wonderful employees in an office. They help their humans improve their productivity and reduce their stress. Even though you may think these adorable furry friends would be a distraction, a Japanese company thinks otherwise. They adopt rescue cats to help their employees with their jobs. It works!

This kitty is recognized for his hard work and is awarded his very own corporate badge. He has free access to the company and is well taken care of by the employees.

Photo: clashloudly

He's a cat nurse who cares for furry patients at an animal hospital in Poland.

Photo: KimfromNorway

He's been a mouser for 15 years since they found him as a stray.


This fluffy cat wandered into an office and decided to stay. This is him working as the purrfect receptionist.

Photo: TJ Widbin

Alf the cat who was saved by a vet clinic, has made this place his permanent home. He takes his job very seriously.

Photo: Ryde Veterinary Clinic

This office cat is making herself very useful!

Photo: Mikepants

This kitty supervises her human's work very closely!

If she spots a mistake, she gives her human a couple swats.

Photo: misskitty123

This kitty keeps her human warm while she is working from home.

"She loves to stay close, so in order to get work done I put her in a sling." - livegk.

Photo: livegk

This office cat works very hard even when she naps.

"We have an office cat, she lives here, and she does most of the paperwork!" - ixium

Photo: ixium

Holding the chair for her human while he is taking a break, so no one else would take it.

Photo: bukkaking

Making sure the scanner works by testing it on himself.

Photo: dj20382

Checking everything put up by the humans because you can never be so sure.

Photo: The_Him

This is an office run by kitties!

Photo: Poopy Cat Office

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