20 Year Old Shelter Cat Can't Stop Thanking His Rescuer After He Was Saved from Uncertain Fate..


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A super senior cat was confused and upset after he was given up by his owner to the shelter at the age of 20.

Meet Buttons.

Saving Sage Animal Rescue Foundation

The 20-year-old cat was surrendered to the Broward County Animal shelter along with three younger cats that were immediately put up for adoption but Buttons didn't get the chance because of his age.

When the Saving Sage Animal Rescue Foundation (Miami, Florida) learned about his plight from heartbreaking email blasts they received, they knew they had to get him out of there.

"It broke our heart that someone could do that to a family member! We said we would rescue and pull him," Kathy Bieniek, Vice President of the rescue group told Love Meow.

Saving Sage Animal Rescue Foundation

They sent in the rescue hold and picked him up from the shelter Tuesday morning.

Buttons couldn't stop thanking his rescuer for saving his life. "He is a very sweet and talkative kitty! He talked to me the whole way as I brought him right to our vet, Pet Express in Davie for a check up," Kathy said.

Saving Sage Animal Rescue Foundation

They discovered that Buttons is in the beginning stages of kidney failure, but they will never give up on him and has found him a wonderful foster home and great care to ensure a happy life for the sweet old boy.

Fabby, the foster mom, learned how to do his Sub-Q fluids from the wonderful vet techs Lauren and Danielle at Pet Express Animal Hospital.

Saving Sage Animal Rescue Foundation

"He will need Sub-Q fluids three times a week and a special kidney diet," Kathy told Love Meow.

Buttons will now have the comforts of a home to live out his golden years.

"He is on his way to his new loving home where he will have a younger 17 year old feline brother and a Mom and Dad that will spoil and love him!"

Saving Sage Animal Rescue Foundation

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