A Brother from a Different Litter

A Brother from a Different Litter


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A tiny kitten found a kitty who became the brother she never had. This is a story of love and friendship.

Dubai was one and half months old when she was found at a shoe store. "She was so sad and hungry. The shop keeper said that she couldn't take care of this kitten because of her busy work, and she asked for help. So I made a 'wildcat' decision against my father that I would take her home," said Sherry on her flickr.

At the beginning the little new comer startled the 7 month old house cat Sanssouci according to Sherry. Then things started to change as they began to give each other nose kisses, and one day Sanssouci took little Dubai under his arms and they cuddled together for a nap. The rest is history.

Photos by ©Sherry (Trang Vuong).

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