Asma’s Rescued Kittens

Asma’s Rescued Kittens


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Asma Kausar and her family have rescued and adopted so many stray cats that they have become well known for their love for cats in their neighborhood. "Often we come upon a little youngling in the garden, left by a random person, knowing that it'd find a home with us," says Asma.

Here is the story of Ismira, one of Asma's kittens who has touched her heart in many different ways:

It begins when our neighbors brought over two little kittens, claiming them to be the litter of a cat that frequents our home, Bubbles. A brother and sister. Very tiny, and obviously in need of a mother's care.

We bottle fed them for a week, but due to a sad turn of events, the brother didn't make it. It was an extremely sad day. Ismira, however, did. She slowly became dependent upon us. I still remember when she'd wake up from her basket and make her way all the way to the dining room on her tiny legs, meowing that we feed her.

Everyone took to her right away. Her most famous and lovable habit is the need to bite everyone's fingers, regardless of where she was or who she was biting. Oh, and she loved, loved warm places. I think it came with a lack of a mother's touch. Often, we'd find her cuddled near the fridge, or sleeping on the UPS - soaking up the heat. Her other favorite spots to sleep on were the adapter or the laptop, whichever was more convenient for her to climb on to.

She was absolutely precious, and so gorgeous. In the photos where she's in the pillow case is just one example of her adorable-ness. I noticed a funny lump on my pillow and peeked inside to find her sleeping there. I stubbed my toe while rushing to get the camera in time before she ventured out. She really captures the heart.

Every time she'd finish eating, her tummy would grow so round and big, it would be hard for her to turn over. That's when we nicked named her Jub-jub. :)

As it so often happens, she didn't stay with us for long. Most of the kittens we take in end up being adopted by other kind souls or given to a friend or family member. So was Ismira.

Photos courtesy of ©Asma Kausar

Some of other kittens Asma rescued:

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