Barn Cat Helped Rescued Raccoon Get Back to the Wild


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A barn cat, who never quite got along with any other cats, found an unexpected friend in a rescue raccoon and even helped him get back to the wild.

"Zizi was an old barn cat. He didn't get along with any of our other cats and was constantly getting in fights. Even getting him neutered didn't stop him from wanting to pick fights with every animal that crossed his path," Haley Williams told Love Meow.

"He was an elderly cat by the time I found Winston the raccoon in 2012. I was driving in my car when I found him emaciated on the side of the road on a scorching day in July."

Courtesy: Haley Williams

"He was so tiny and the local veterinary clinic wouldn't help him and there are no wild life centers around. So I took him home and bottle fed him," Haley said.

With the whole family taking turns to nurse the raccoon, he bounced back very fast. "He had so much energy that I was exhausted trying to keep up with him. I knew I needed to start introducing him outside."

Courtesy: Haley Williams

As Haley acclimated him back to the wild, she discovered that Winston was drawn to Zizi the cat. At first, she was worried about seeing Winston approach Zizi who was more of a lonecat. "But Zizi seemed to be drawn to Winston as well."

"Winston walked right up to Zizi laying down on the porch and after Zizi gave him a few light paw slaps to the head, Zizi just kind of accepted the fact that Winston wasn't running away and wasn't a threat. They played a little and Zizi was very gentle. After that every time I brought Winston outside, he'd seek Zizi out and Zizi went along with all of it," Haley told Love Meow.

Courtesy: Haley Williams

Because of Zizi, Winston was motivated to go outside on his own and started loving being outdoors.

"I would be able to look out the window at any time of the day and see Zizi and Winston cuddled up sleeping in the flower pot together, wrestling, or just exploring side by side. When I would come home from school, Winston would hop into my lap and Zizi would follow."

Courtesy: Haley Williams

A few years after Winston was rescued, Zizi passed away from old age. "My family missed him but Winston looked down for months. By this time Winston was a full grown male, he started venturing off away from the house more and more and for longer periods of time until he would only show up for visits once a month or so," Haley said.

Courtesy: Haley Williams

"Every once in a while I will look outside and see Winston cuddling with our newest young cat."

Courtesy: Haley Williams

Winston will always remember his old friend, Zizi, who helped him get back to nature, and now he can take care of himself and is a true "wild" raccoon.

Courtesy: Haley Williams

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