Barn Cat Surprises Everyone When He Acts as Midwife to Pregnant Goat


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A fluffy ginger and white cat found his home on a farm and surprised everyone there when he began caring for a pregnant goat.

Meet Pretty Boy the cat and Copper the goat.

Courtesy: Operation Fancy Free

Pretty Boy was found on the farm where Copper the goat resides. The sweet feline quickly made the place his new home.

"Operation Fancy Free (Jackson Co, West Virginia) had him vetted as part of our TNR program (if you look, you can see his ear tip). The family that owns the farm absolutely adore him and he is well cared for," Laura of Operation Fancy Free told Love Meow.

Pretty Boy started hanging around the goat shed along with the female goats. "All the females are pregnant and there are many. Mostly he didn't interact with them...," Kat the neighbor told Love Meow.

Copper was later confined to a birthing stall, and that's when Pretty Boy decided to commandeer the goat shed and would not allow any of the barn cats near it.

Courtesy: Operation Fancy Free

Pretty Boy has been hanging out close to Copper ever since.

"With Copper confined, I noticed that Pretty Boy was spending a lot of time in Copper's stall, laying near her, rubbing up against her, sitting on the rail as if watching over her. I was amused by it all," Kat told Love Meow.

Courtesy: Operation Fancy Free

Last week, as Kat went down to the goat shed to check on Copper, she found Pretty Boy kneading on her as if he was massaging the goat's belly.

"Since then, I have found Pretty Boy keeping company with Copper in what I called a Goat Midwife manner and of course the now legendary goat massages," Kat told Love Meow.

Courtesy: Operation Fancy Free

Pretty Boy usually shows up to greet Kat within minutes if he is not in the goat shed.

"He'll either seek my attention or he tends to Copper."

Courtesy: Operation Fancy Free

"I will say with certainty, that Pretty Boy has some kind of connection with Copper since she was confined," Kat told Love Meow.

The two unlikely friends share a very special bond. Pretty Boy is very protective of Copper and wouldn't leave her side.

Courtesy: Operation Fancy Free

Pretty Boy gives Copper a massage.


Copper just gave birth to three healthy kids. Pretty Boy was there to welcome the little babies into this world.

Courtesy: Operation Fancy Free

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