Best Perks of Working at an Animal Hospital (10+ Kittens)

Best Perks of Working at an Animal Hospital (10+ Kittens)


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These may just be the best perks of working at an animal hospital.

Veterinarians meet all kinds of animals. Some of them are pocket sized! Often animal clinics and hospitals take in rescue kittens and cats found abandoned and hope to rehome them.

One of the most wonderful things of being a vet is being inundated with endless cute these animals naturally give. Kittens love to snug themselves in a tight, warm place like a pocket. It becomes the purrfect nap spot for them. With a kitten purring in your pocket, it can light up any vet or vet tech as work can be stressful at times.


"This is one of the pocket kittens at a couple days old. I raised those little guys from just wee little beans. They grow up so fast!" @Psychosholtis said.

reddit @Psychosholtis

Traveling in a pocket at the vet's.

reddit @Fairycatcher

"I volunteer at my boyfriend's vet clinic. This little boy likes to be carried around in my pocket when I clean the other cages," Jennyflur said.

imgur @Jennyflur

Ashton the rescue kitten found a warm pocket to snuggle in.

Courtesy of Josh Norem at The Furrtographer

2-day-old kitten taking a nap in a pocket.

imgur @kristinab183

reddit @micademarco

reddit @micademarco

A little peekaboo kitten!

imgur @Geniverger

Photo: FACE Low-Cost Spay Neuter Clinic

"If I fits, I sits!"

reddit @Enigpragmatic

"Her name is Pamela!" Geniverger said.

imgur @Geniverger

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