Binky the Kitten New Addition to the Family

Binky the Kitten New Addition to the Family


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After Leandra's 16 year old cat, Nina, passed away back in September, 2009, she and her family could not bear the emptiness without Nina’s presence. "They really missed her so they decided to go out and look for a cat," said Rien Westerhout, Leandra's father.

Very soon they found Binky a lovely tabby who aboslutely enjoys life. "If he wants his food, he will get it by giving you the irresistable cute look."

Binky would sleep anywhere except his own beds. "He is very naughty and loves to climb curtains, walk on the dining table, chew on our feet and play mischief in the house."

After all the playfulness, Binky is extremely friendly and affectionate toward the family. "He loves to be with people and also children. He is a very smart kitty and has started picking up new tricks such as to give paws and high fives from my grand children."

Photos courtesy of ©Rien Westerhout.

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