Braille The Cat Born Without Eyes

Braille The Cat Born Without Eyes


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A 12 week old kitten named Braille is quite special. She was born without eyes, but the little tabby never considers herself as disabled. She is just differently-abled.

Her humans brought her home when she was a tiny wee kitten. Since she can't see, she has developed a method to navigate around the house.

"Even though she doesn't have sight, she has her other senses. Usually it's by bumping into things and learning where they are at. But now she has the house mapped out in her head so she doesn't bump into things anymore," said her human via reddit.

"From what I've been told cats have scent glands on their face and their paws, so she just used those to map out the house with her scent. She actually had no problem with the litter box once she found out where it was, she uses it like a regular kitten."

Braille is never alone. When her humans are not at home, she is always accompanied by a furry friend. "We have another cat that kind of is a sister to her so she isn't alone."

"She likes to sleep on my girlfriend's shoulder in bed, and sometimes we can still catch her suckling late at night. And she is a normal kitten, full of energy and love."

Braille the cat was born without eyes. This is her napping on her human's foot when they first got her.

She is 12 weeks old now, happy and loved. She never considers herself as disabled... just differently-abled.

Photos via reddit.

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