Esthetician Cat Offers Massages at a Beauty Parlor

Esthetician Cat Offers Massages at a Beauty Parlor


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We have heard of office cats, vet cats and therapy cats, but this tabby cat finds her profession at a beauty parlor as their very own esthetician cat. Every time a customer comes for a massage or beauty treatment, she will hop on their back or tummy and start kneading away while her human counterpart works on their calves or gives a facial.

Meet Niya the esthetician cat.


This adorable cat comes from Shunan, Japan. She has always had very skillful kneady paws ever since her human found her.

Giving massages is her favorite thing in the world. One day she hopped onto a customer's back and offered a session, and that marked the beginning of her career at the Parbine beauty parlor.

Photo: parbine

Niya loves her customers. She welcomes them at the reception with warm hospitality and accompanies them while they are getting their beauty treatment. She knows when it's time for her to provide her service.

Photo: parbine

If a customer is covered with a soft blanket, she hops on it and starts the work.

Niya keeps massaging as long as she finds fit.


When she is not giving a massage, she likes to sit next to the customer to keep them company, and sometimes she falls asleep in their arms.

Niya makes the entire experience at the beauty parlor so much more relaxing.

Photo: parbine

Niya sharing the massage table with her furry friend.

Photo: parbine

Watch Niya-chan in this video:

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