Cat Makes Friends with a Chipmunk in These Cute Photos


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A chipmunk and a cat met in a yard and became friends.

Photo: _GoldGuy_

A tiny chipmunk decided to adventure into a yard but only to meet a furry feline whose tail was three times the size of the little one.

"My cat made friends with a chipmunk," reddit user _GoldGuy_ said.

This is the moment they met...

Photo: _GoldGuy_

The kitty lies down on the ground and shows that he's friendly.

Photo: _GoldGuy_

Then the chipmunk hops on his back for an immediate cuddle.

Photo: _GoldGuy_

Teeny cuddly friend.

Photo: _GoldGuy_

They just hit it off!

Photo: _GoldGuy_

The tiny chipmunk even climbs on the kitty and starts shuffling in the fluff.

Photo: _GoldGuy_

He has a chipmunk buddy now!

Photo: _GoldGuy_

In a related video, a cat mama adopted an orphaned baby squirrel that started to purr:

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