Ragdoll Cat Lets One Guy Walk Him, and Him Alone

Ragdoll Cat Lets One Guy Walk Him, and Him Alone


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This beautiful fluffy Ragdoll only lets one guy take him out on a walk with a leash. That fella isn't a human or another cat.

Meet Leonardo the cat and his walking buddies!

Facebook/Nicolle Müller

Leonardo the kitty has entrusted his friend Moritz the pig to walk him around the neighborhood. They live together in a loving home in Germany. The two unlikely friends love to get their daily workout in with their human, Nicolle Müller, and sometimes another piggy friend.

Moritz the pig takes the lead as Leonardo follows along. When the kitty goes too fast, Moritz trails behind to make sure he doesn't wander off. If Leonardo gets distracted by a critter or carried away by a random sound, Moritz will gently pull the leash to get him back on track.

Moritz showing Leonardo some street skills in the neighborhood.

Watch the video here (might take a couple seconds to load):

Here's another video of Moritz walking his best friend:

Leo taking a selfie during a walk with his buddy.

It's time for a nap!

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