Cat Adopts Baby Lynx Rejected by Her Mother

Cat Adopts Baby Lynx Rejected by Her Mother


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A cat adopted a baby lynx that was rejected by her mother, now Nika the lynx is getting stronger, eating better and will soon outgrow her surrogate mother.

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When zookeeper at Novosibirsk Zoo in Novosibirsk, Russia, noticed that a baby lynx was not getting any food from her mother because she was the runt of the litter.

They quickly came up with a solution to help the little cub. One of the employees decided to bring her cat into work to act as a surrogate mother.

They were hoping that the cat who had given birth to kittens would adopt the little baby lynx as her own. Soon after they met, the domesticated cat’s motherly instinct kicked in and she started grooming her new baby.

Watch video: Pet cat adopts baby lynx rejected by its mother

Nika is now eating better and growing very fast.

She will soon outgrow her surrogate mom.

This is a mother's love :).

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