Family Befriended Stray Cat and Discovered She Would Have Kittens

Family Befriended Stray Cat and Discovered She Would Have Kittens


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A calico cat befriended a family at a farm. They later discovered that she was pregnant.

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Scarlett the cat was found abandoned in a rural area of British Columbia, Canada. She made her way to a nearby farm where the farmer and his family started feeding her. They tried to find her owners but no one came to claim her.

When they noticed that the cat was pregnant, they reached out to social media for help. A kind-hearted lady who refers to herself as S, responded and offered to help. She picked up the cat and transported her to Shuswap Paws Rescue Society.

The expectant cat mom was safe but needed a foster home. "I volunteered to take her because she had nowhere else to go," Lynda, a foster volunteer of the rescue, told Love Meow.

Scarlett was very scared when she first arrived. She was confused after all the changes. Lynda placed her in a quiet room to help her decompress. Once she realized that her humans meant good, she began to come out of her shell.

calico cat, rescued catShuswap Paws Rescue Society

The sweet calico warmed up to her foster mom, nuzzled up to her leg and purred up a storm. She stretched her paws in the air, in pure bliss. "She is the friendliest girl. She loves pets and belly rubs, and she never stops purring," Lynda added.

As Scarlett adjusted to life as an indoor cat, she began seeking attention and affection from her humans. Over the next couple of weeks, she discovered new toys, and her paws were constantly in motion.

cute cat, calico catShuswap Paws Rescue Society

"These paws are in perpetual motion — she is running, batting mouse toys, making biscuits, all the while purring like a motorboat."

On April 9th, Lynda and her family woke up to the tiniest squeaks coming from the foster room. Scarlett gave birth six squirmy little kittens — four girls and two boys.

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"I decided to give them Celtic names after S who is Irish. S and her kids named one of the Calicos, Fallon, which means 'leader.' She is talkative just like her Mama," Lynda said. "The two boys are Flynn and Carlin. The other girls are Caoihme, Aibreann and A'Chroi."

The kittens get to grow up in a safe environment, away from the streets and unknown elements. Scarlett is a doting cat mom, who tends to her kittens' every need.

newborn kittens, calico cat, cat momShuswap Paws Rescue Society

She wouldn't leave her babies for 48 hours straight after birth. Lynda brought food and water to her to make sure she was well replenished.

Watch Scarlett and her kittens in this cute video:

Scarlett the cat and her kittens - foster

When the kittens opened their eyes and started to waddle, Mama Scarlett watched over them every step of the way.

She would coo and chirp to communicate with her babies, and give them mandatory baths whenever she found fit.

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Scarlett really blossomed in foster care as she continued to enjoy her VIP life.

Though the kittens have learned to eat from a dish, they still come to their mom for snacks and comfort-nursing. Scarlett doesn't mind at all.

nursing kittens, calico cat, cat momShuswap Paws Rescue Society

"Scarlett has never liked beds or blankets. She likes the floor. Last Tuesday was the first day she went into the comfy bed. She was making biscuits with her feet. I almost wept," Lynda told Love Meow.

The kittens are now six weeks old, and a few weeks from now, they will be ready for their next chapter in life.

calico cat, cat mom, kittens nursingShuswap Paws Rescue Society

"Scarlett is going to be adopted by S and her family. S has regularly updated the farmer, and he was so pleased for Scarlett and her babies. The kittens are a pile of laughs, and so much fun to be around," Lynda said.

There are many stray cats in the rural area where Scarlett was found. She and her kittens are the lucky ones.

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"Shuswap Paws and other organizations will help. People just need to reach out. S said she has found three abandoned cats in her rural location in the last 18 months, and got them spayed/neutered and found them homes," Lynda shared with Love Meow.

"The farmer did the right thing in asking for help. Scarlett and her kittens will get their 'Happily Ever After.'"

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