Cat Food Recall Diamond Pet Food

Cat Food Recall Diamond Pet Food


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We reported in early October this year that there was a recall on Diamond Pet food premium edge products:

  1. Premium Edge Finicky Adult Cat
  2. Premium Edge Hairball cat

The company announced the recall in South Carolina this Tuesday, though it was issued in September. These two products were made in Gaston plant outside South Carolina. This is the very same plant that was responsible for the death of 76 dogs in the 2005 dog food poisoning.

There are at least 21 cases of thiamine deficiency in cats found in New York and Pennsylvania.

The problem with these 2 types of cat food is that they both lack a vital nutrient called thiamine (Vitamin B1). Cats that are deficient in thiamine can experience various health issues involving their neurological system. In some cases, cats can die from thiamine deficiency.

The food was distributed to Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and 12 other states. The company is currently under investigation.

If you have fed your cats either Premium Edge Finicky Adult Cat or Premium Edge Hairball Cat, you need to contact your veterinarian immediately. Also, you can return these products at the store where you purchased them.

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