Cat Emerges from a Hole in a Wall and into the Hearts of People who Open Their Home to Her

Cat Emerges from a Hole in a Wall and into the Hearts of People who Open Their Home to Her


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A cat emerged from a hole in a wall and into the hearts of the people who opened their home to her.

sweet calico catDharaLittle Wanderers NYC

A few weeks ago, Little Wanderers NYC was contacted about a stray cat hiding in a hole in a basement. The caller was concerned about the cat's safety and hoped to get her into foster care.

Upon receiving the plea, a rescuer rushed to the basement of the building and found the hole in a wall where the calico had taken refuge. When she gently called out to the cat, the calico's face appeared.

With some treats and soft words, the cat emerged from the wall and sampled a few kibbles before seeking attention from the rescuer.

stray cat wall holeShe was hiding in a hole in a basementLittle Wanderers NYC

The rescuer got the cat into a carrier without a fuss, and off they went to the vet. She was estimated to be two years old and had lived as a stray for quite some time.

After getting spayed, fully vetted, and microchipped, Dhara, the cat, headed to her foster home, where a new beginning awaited her.

cat stray foodShe came out from the wall and received treats from her rescuerLittle Wanderers NYC

"Dhara is delightful and very sweet. She gave her rescuer's hand nudges from her carrier on the drive home from her vet appointment," Little Wanderers NYC shared.

Jacqueline, a foster volunteer, welcomed the calico into her home and set up a comfy space for her to rest for the night.

rescued calico catShe was friendly and very sweetLittle Wanderers NYC

To ensure the cat wouldn't feel lonely during her recovery, she gave her a cat plushie with a heartbeat to keep her company.

When Dhara saw the snuggle toy, she sat beside it and stretched her arms towards it. Her paws sank into the soft fabric, kneading away while purring up a storm. "Since I put it in, she's been laying next to it making her little biscuits," Jacqueline shared.

cat kneading blanketShe made a lot of biscuits when she got her cat plushieJacqueline

After a few days in a loving home, Dhara became quite the cuddle bug.

She craves human companionship, always ready to offer a hug. "She reminds us of a little puppy always checking in with their person and circling back."

snuggly calico catShe's blossomed into a cuddle bugJacqueline

"Dhara is friendly and purrs instantly when shown attention. She loves soft pets on the head and chin scratches. She's a chatty Pattie and will give a scratchy meow to get attention."

"Her meows don't go above a whisper. She is a snuggle bunny who likes to sit on the couch with me and watch TV."

calico cat lap timeShe demands lap time with her foster momJacqueline

After wandering the streets and taking shelter in a basement, Dhara is excited to have a house to roam around (you can hear her purrs from across the room).

Dhara enjoys making biscuits to the sound of the heartbeat of her trusty cat plushie.

cat kneading sweetShe loves kneading on her cat plushieJacqueline

Most of all, she's delighted to have a loving human who caters to her every whim.

"She will wrap her paw around your arm and go to sleep. She's a fierce biscuit maker, making about 30 biscuits a day."

cat snuggle cuddle bugJacqueline

Dhara adores being the center of attention, always seeking out the company of her people. She will be a star in her forever family, showering everyone with purrs and unconditional love.

cat cuddle snuggle bugJacqueline

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