Cat and Her One Kitten Pull Through Together with Help from Many, She Turns into a Stunner

Cat and Her One Kitten Pull Through Together with Help from Many, She Turns into a Stunner


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A cat and her one kitten pulled through together with help from many people. She turned into quite a stunner.

kitten cat momSimba (kitten) and Sarabi (cat)One Cat at a Time

A 7-year-old cat, Sarabi, found herself at an emergency veterinary clinic when her family could no longer keep her and afford her care.

10 days before her arrival, she gave birth to one kitten but had trouble delivering the rest. By the time she was at the clinic, she was rushed to have an emergency c-section.

The first kitten born ended up being the sole survivor of the litter. The veterinary team worked tirelessly to bring his mom back from the brink. Marie, founder of One Cat at a Time (a cat rescue), was contacted and immediately offered to help.

cat vet rescueOne Cat at a Time

She arranged for a foster home where Sarabi could start her healing. She was given a comfortable nursery to raise her baby, Simba, and helping hands from her foster family.

"Simba is her little treasure, and she takes care of him so well in spite of what she has been through," Marie shared.

newborn kitten cat sarabiOne Cat at a Time

"The ER vet saved Sarabi's life and covered all the expenses -- surgery, hospitalization, and medication."

Meanwhile, the kitten was starting to open his eyes. He had a voracious appetite and showed so much resolve in that tiny body. While Sarabi was recovering, her foster family stepped in to make sure that Simba was well fed and cared for around the clock.

tiny newborn kittenOne Cat at a Time

Sarabi was resilient post surgery and dove right into mommy duties. She feasted on all the food to help her regain strength while she catered to her baby's every whim.

Over the next few days, she began to fill out, and her fur coat grew fluffier by the day.

only kitten cat mom sarabiOne Cat at a Time

Simba was weaned and went on to hit many milestones. He became an inquisitive and adventurous kitty who wasn't afraid of getting himself in trouble.

Sarabi could finally relax seeing Simba blossom into a healthy, happy young cat. She began to spend more time with her people as the center-of-attention she ought to be.

cat mom sarabi kitten simbaOne Cat at a Time

After having litter after litter, Sarabi was ready to retire from motherhood and enjoy the peace-and-quiet she desired. Her inner kitten emerged when she rediscovered toys and zoomies.

She wasn't shy of speaking her mind whenever she wanted something, and often curled up next to her people, watching TV together.

fluffy sweet catSarabiOne Cat at a Time

Simba, on the other hand, has turned into a giant love-bug who adores being petted and held. He has befriended other kitties in the house and is adept at sneaking food from their bowls.

cute kitten mustacheBaby SimbaOne Cat at a Time

Simba has a "minor anomaly" in his mouth, and has had surgery to remove some teeth to allow his jaw to settle.

Just like his mom, he is growing out his long, lush fur coat, and has become quite fond of regular brushing.

fluffy kittenSimbaOne Cat at a Time

At eight years old, Sarabi was ready to find a forever home where she could live like a queen and be cherished for the rest of her days.

A wonderful family fell in love with her when they came across her story.

fluffy grey catSarabi has blossomed into quite a stunnerOne Cat at a Time

They opened their hearts to welcome the deserving girl into their family.

Soon, they found Sarabi scampering around the house with her long, bushy tail, playing to her heart's content.

fluffy catShe's grown a beautiful, fluffy coatOne Cat at a Time

With a second chance, Sarabi has turned into a stunning, fluffy cat, living happily in her forever home with her loving humans.

fluffy cat beautiful sarabiOne Cat at a Time

Share this story with your friends. Simba is now available through One Cat at a Time (in Quebec, Canada) on Instagram and Facebook.

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