Cat Shows Up at Window with Kittens in Tow When She Thinks It's Time to Move Inside

Cat Shows Up at Window with Kittens in Tow When She Thinks It's Time to Move Inside


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A cat showed up at the window with kittens in tow when she thought it was time to move inside.

tuxedo cat kittens strayDaphne and her kittensThe Stray Cat Club

A black and white stray cat showed up outside a house, scrounging for food. She caught the attention of the tenants when she came up to the window asking for help.

The students that lived there swooned at the presence of the cat and offered her some food. The tuxedo had a voracious appetite and seemed pleased to have found a reliable food source.

After getting her fill, the cat disappeared into a shed, making the tenants wonder if she would return.

stray cat kittens yardThe Stray Cat Club

Soon, a familiar silhouette appeared in the garden. The cat came back, but this time, she wasn't alone with three little kittens in tow.

"Once she started to be fed, she and her kittens would come out from the shed asking for food. We're unsure if they were born under there," The Stray Cat Club shared with Love Meow.

stray cat kittenShe brought her kittens to the window asking for helpThe Stray Cat Club

The mama cat arrived at mealtime with her precious three on her heels. She had grown to trust her food providers and allowed them to be near her babies. The trio ran around the yard, turning it into their playground.

The feline family melted everyone's heart with their pleading eyes. The tenants began contacting local rescues, hoping to get the mom and her kittens into a safe place with proper care.

tuxedo cat kittens feedingThe Stray Cat Club

They had no luck with large rescue organizations, but a few days before the holidays, The Stray Cat Club, an all-volunteer rescue, responded to their request.

"With the kind help of some students who contacted us before returning home for Christmas, we were able to safely trap and house them. No more cold nights out for this family."

cat mother kittens rescuedNo more cold nights out for this familyThe Stray Cat Club

The family of four arrived at The Stray Cat Club and quickly settled in. They filled their bellies to the brim before nestling in a cuddle pile. They slept soundly that night in a warm bed away from the busy streets.

The following day, they were transported to a foster home through Croydon Animal Samaritans that would provide medical care and all the resources to help them thrive.

tuxedo kitten cuteHarryThe Stray Cat Club

The cat mama, lovingly named Daphne, is around two years old. She is a friendly and chill cat and enjoys the company of her people. After raising her last litter, she has some well-deserved time for herself and can play like a kitten again.

Evie, Daphne's little mini-me, is the shyest of the bunch, but she's getting braver and more adventurous. She feels reassured around her mama, and the rescue hopes to find them a home together.

cute tuxedo kitten toyEvieCroydon Animal Samaritans

Harry (the other tuxedo) and Teddy (the fluffiest of the litter) are bonded brothers and do everything as a duo. If they aren't romping around, wrestling with each other, they are likely cuddled together, recharging their batteries.

"They have become more confident but can still be shy until they know you," Croydon Animal Samaritans shared.

snuggly kittens best friendsTeddy and Harry are bonded brothersCroydon Animal Samaritans

The kittens are almost 4.5 months old, and their personalities are shining through. They have come a long way since Daphne showed up at the window on that fateful day.

They are living the good life and ready to find a place of their own.

sweet tuxedo catDaphneCroydon Animal Samaritans

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