Cat Travels from Florida to Taxes in a Bag

Cat Travels from Florida to Taxes in a Bag


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This happened last year, but if you have not seen it, you should check it out.

Gracie, a cat who crawled into her owner's suitcase and traveled on a flight from Florida to Taxes, eventually was picked up by a wrong guy who had an identical suitcase as Gracie's "dad."

When the guy opened the suitcase, he realized that the clothes did not belong to him and was ready to have the bag returned to the airport, but only to find out that a cat jumped out of the suitcase and caused him to scream like a little girl.

Gracie flew under the bed and stayed there for quite a while. During that period of time, the man was thinking about adopting Gracie until when she came out of the bed, the man found a tag from her collar with a contact number attached. He then called the number and reached Gracie's mother who was frantically searching for her lost cat.

Finally Gracie was reunited with her dad who was in Dallas for a business trip. [Read complete story, click here]


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