Cat Who Saved Couple from Fire Returns Home

Cat Who Saved Couple from Fire Returns Home


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Baby, the 13-year-old cat woke up her family members when a fire was ravaging from a bedroom. The fire alarm failed to signal the people in the house when the smoke was fumigating the entire bedroom. Fortunately the cat immediately jumped on her owner who was in the living room and roused him from his sleep.

After the couple and the cat got out of the house unscathed, the cat quickly went away. According to Mike Weber, the assistant fire chief of the Wonder Lake Fire Protection District, cats who are "scared in house fires often return after the scene clears."

The couple was not able to catch Baby after they escaped the fire, so the owner, Josh Omberg, set a trap cage on the front porch of the house and added food inside, hoping it would help find their cat who was missing at the time. The very next day, Baby was seen sitting in the cage by Omberg's employers who live nearby. They brought the cat back to the family.

Omberg was ecstatic to have Baby back. "I thought she would come back."

Via and Northwest Herald

Image via flickr: Kevin Steele

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