Cats and Their Human Dad Remake These 10 Memorable Movie Scenes Together

Cats and Their Human Dad Remake These 10 Memorable Movie Scenes Together


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Tara and Willow, two Burmese cats, have been the stars for a little project that their human dad started over a year ago.

Dave and his wife Sarah love movies and cats, so by combining their two favorite things in the world, they have recreated some of the most famous movie scenes with a feline twist.

Guess the movies!


Movie Cats @moviecats

The couple from Nottinghamshire, the UK, work together on the weekends, collaborating with their beloved cats to live out their creative dreams.

"We host a pub quiz every few weeks, so we started doing it for the film/TV round, and we enjoyed it so much we decided to keep doing it as a regular quiz question," the couple told Love Meow.

With help from their kitties, the pub quiz was quickly taken to a new level because cats make everything better :).


Movie Cats @moviecats

The couple has recreated over 10 famous movie scenes with their cats and also collected a large number of "out take" photos which are hilarious.


Movie Cats @moviecats

Tara and Willow think their humans are "weird" but since they get a ton of treats during each production, they don't mind lending them a paw.


Movie Cats @moviecats

Once the couple has decided on a winning shot, they use photoshop to refine their work. And with the final seal of approval from their cats, they share the images on Instagram and challenge their followers to guess the name of the movies.


Movie Cats @moviecats

The kitties have brought a lot of creative inspiration to their humans throughout the process.


Movie Cats @moviecats

Tara and Willow are the stars and co-directors, and their humans are just there busy facilitating their artistic expressions as the magic unfolds.


Movie Cats @moviecats

The family has recreated some of the most amazing movie pictures ever made!


Movie Cats @moviecats

Of course! How could we forget about these two classics!? :)


Movie Cats @moviecats



Movie Cats @moviecats

Behind the scenes images:

Oh the passion!

Movie Cats @casualmoviecats

Put treats in the boat... Snap photos endlessly as cat demands more food from their humans.

Movie Cats @casualmoviecats

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