Cats Not Really Santas Helpers

Cats Not Really Santas Helpers


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When Christmas is coming, cats can sense the holiday spirit too. They are curious and nosy by nature. As soon as you set up the Christmas tree, your cats are in for the festivities already.

Cats can go crazy with the Christmas tree and the ornaments that you put up there. Sometimes they can manage to knock down an entire tree because it smells so much like nature and they feel compelled to jump and rock the ever-green.

Cats love the scent from a pine tree. It draws them to sniff and explore. Even though you have a fake tree, the leaves and branches can become their toys in no time. Also, cats are fascinated by any shiny or spinning objects. Glimmering ornaments or shimmering tinsel are very attractive to them. Once they realize by slightly batting the ornaments, they can move or even get them off the tree, they will try every trick they have up their sleeve to get what they want. It is no surprise that you may end up finding your cat balancing himself on a few tree branches.

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Your may not want to see your cats kicking your expensive ornaments across the floor like a soccer ball, but they may keep surprising you by unwrapping your Christmas presents before December 25.

Cats don't know when it's the right time to open presents. If they smell catnip or food wrapped and placed under the tree, they will go check it out. Remember cats have amazing sense of smell. They can smell 14 times better than us. If you are giving your cats treats for Christmas, it is better to hide it until Christmas day.

There are holiday safety tips that we should be aware of as cat owners when it's around Christmas time:Christmas Tree

In order to prevent your tree from being knocked down by your frisky, active little feline, you can fixate a hook or two on the ceiling or on top of the window that is closest to the tree. Use strong string such as high strength fishing line to hold the tree in place.


Place all the fragil oraments on the upper branches of the tree. However, if your cat is very athletic and can jump very high, consider placing the ornaments somewhere else that is out of reach for your cat. Replace these ornaments with ones that are not breakable.

Cat Toys

Place a lot of fun cat toys near the tree to distract your cat from playing with the tree.

Orange Peels

You can put orange or grapefruit peels under the tree. Cats are not fans of any citrus scent and usually run away if they detect it.

Tinsel and Glitter

Cats love shiny things, but tinsel and glitter can get your cat sick if ingested. If possible, consider removing these items from the tree or at least placing them on the top of the tree if your cat cannot reach that high.

Tree Stand

Keep the tree stand covered with a tree skirt or table cloth. Cats may drink the water from the tree stand if left open. Sipping the water can also get your cat ill.

Have a great time preparing for the winter holidays! Meow!


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