Celebrate the Toes!

Celebrate the Toes!


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Today we would like to celebrate all the cute little toesies especially the extra digits. Spike was born with two extra toes on his front paws and one extra on his back paws. Turbo has two extra thumbs that give him the extra dexterity. Nothing is impawsible for these little guys. With those extra toes, they might just be able to change the world.

Spike came from a litter of three homeless kittens, and all of them were little Hemingways. It took less than a week for them to find loving homes.

Turbo came to his foster home as a homeless little kitten, but his extra toes pointed him to a family that love him and a big Maine Coon cat who became his best forever friend. Who can possibly resist those toes that always point towards joy and happiness.

Let's celebrate our furry friends toes today. Send in a photo of your kitty's toes or paws, we will feature it in our Love Meow gallery :).

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Celebrate the toes!

Photos courtesy of ©Will (flickr: whaas987, Fostered over 300 kitties). Both Spike and Turbo found homes through the help from SPCALA.

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