Chemo Takes Her Hair But Her Kitten Keeps Her Head Warm Every Night

Chemo Takes Her Hair But Her Kitten Keeps Her Head Warm Every Night


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Before their paths crossed, this little kitten was found at a barn from a litter of four. Around the end of May, she met her human mom and became her little guardian angel.

Meet Totoro!


A very brave woman (imgur user mykittentotoro) was diagnosed with breast cancer. She started looking for ways to help her cope with the treatment. Her good friend suggested kittens and encouraged her to visit them.

"We have two other cats, but who doesn't love kittens," she told Love Meow.

She and her fiancé heard about a litter of kittens at a farm and decided to pay a visit. From that day on, they went back every few days for the kittens and she fell head over heels for one of the fur babies.

"It was really therapeutic for me while I was wrapping my head around everything going in my life."


They had been on the lookout for a new kitty since they said their goodbyes to one of their adult cats earlier in the Spring. The couple wanted to find that missing puzzle piece to complete their family.

Her partner went to the barn after her Lumpectomy and came home with their new fur child, Totoro.


"She took to our home immediately, even though she had lived in a barn and free-roaming her entire life. Our two adult cats accepted her after only a couple of days. She is very close with our male cat, and is well tolerated by our other female."

The playful and energetic barn kitty made a wonderful transition into a happy indoor cat. When she got to know cuddles, she was hooked.

"Now she's a total pro-cuddler!"

When human mom tries to read...imgur/mykittentotoro

Every day she will snuggle up to her human and cuddle for hours.

"She loves perching on shoulders, kneading, purring loudly… and batting your eyelashes while you're sleeping," Totoro's human mom told Love Meow.

As she continued her cancer treatment, Totoro spent more and more time with her mom, keeping her company.


"She has been such a positive healing force in my life, even in the short time she has been in it. The timing was somehow perfect, and we are so lucky to have found her," human mom told Love Meow.

Every night Totoro stays by her pillow purring her on.

"When chemo takes your hair, but your kitten keeps your head warm at night. Thanks Totoro!"


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