Do Cats Have Souls

Do Cats Have Souls


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Many people have thought about the same question: "Will our furry babies go to heaven after they pass away?" A cat lover once mentioned that she didn't want to go to Heaven if her cat couldn't be there. What do you believe?

Snowman was the very first cat I had. He came to my family when I was going through the hardest time of my life. We lived and laughed together until I left for school and went overseas. He became my shadow in the family and the only son my parents ever had. After school I decided to stay close to my family and spend more time with them. Snowman and I finally met again. He still remembered me even after so long.

We spent one year together until he came down with an illness. We tried everything we could, but he was not getting better. Finally, he left us quietly and peacefully. My dad took it really hard on himself. He blamed himself for it.

On the day when we buried Snowman, the weather started off sunny where we could hear birds chirping and woodpeckers chiseling out wood. By the time we had Snowman put underground, the sky darkened in a matter of a minute. Suddenly we heard a thunder roaring from above. Clouds were rolling and gathering so rapidly that we thought a huge thunder storm was imminent.

We thought there was no way we could escape the rain since we walked 20 minutes to the burial ground. Walking back would most likely give the rain enough time to fall. The clouds covered up the entire sky in just a minute. We could even smell the rain in the air.

We hurried our steps, walking and looking up into the sky, thinking the odds were against us. However, as we kept walking, we realized we were getting closer and closer to our destination. Eventually we made it all the way back home DRY. As soon as we got into the house, the sky went ballistic. It started pouring as if it was raining an avalanche accompanied by thunders and lightnings.

My mom explained what happened:

"See? The sky was crying for Snowman's passing. Snowman was an angel to us. When Amy was going through difficult times, he came to our lives. When she left for school, he became our only child and kept us company. Now Amy is back, his work has completed and it was time for him to go. The rain wouldn't even start until we safely returned home."

Do cats have souls? I think they do and I really hope they do. What do you think?

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