Family Finds Stray Kitten Cuddling Up to Unlikely Friend in Chicken Coop


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A tiny ginger kitten wandered into a chicken coop and started snuggling with his feathery friends who kept him warm.

Meet Caramel the kitten!

Courtesy: Allyson Radach

It was mid-November when the kitten first showed up at a family's house. Allyson Radach's children spotted the little ginger boy underneath their trampoline. They befriended him by giving him some food, and the kitten decided to stick around.

The family has a chicken coop where nine chickens reside. Caramel took a liking to the warm shed and started spending a lot of time in the coop, cuddling with his unlikely friends.

"The kitten found his way into the coop. At first he was so tiny he could fit through the fencing of the run," Allyson told Love Meow.

They built an insulated cat house with a heating source just for the kitten, but little Caramel never used it and stayed in the coop with his friends all day long.

Courtesy: Allyson Radach

Caramel followed his feathery friends around. If they were out by the shed, he tagged along. One time they found Caramel lying on the eggs over the nesting boxes, purring away.

He gets along beautifully with the chickens and his feathery friends enjoy his company, too.

Courtesy: Allyson Radach

The family keeps the chicken coop warm with a heating light and Caramel is drawn to the warmth.

They nap together and eat together.

Courtesy: Allyson Radach

Caramel loves hanging out in the warm coop.

Courtesy: Allyson Radach

While the chickens walk around the coop, eating grits, the kitten gives himself a bath, chilling along.

Courtesy: Allyson Radach

The family never expected to have a cat, but little Caramel found his way into their hearts.

Their family dog Newt took to the little ginger buddy, and they quickly bonded. "He has grown quite a bit and now comes outside," Allyson told Love Meow.

Courtesy: Allyson Radach

Though Caramel is spending more time with his buddy Newt and his humans inside the house, he often visits the coop to hang out with his feathery friends, giving them snuggles and love.

Courtesy: Allyson Radach

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