Family Heard Screaming and Saw Kitten on Other Side of the Fence, That Night Her Luck Finally Turned Around

Family Heard Screaming and Saw Kitten on Other Side of the Fence, That Night Her Luck Finally Turned Around


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A family heard screaming and saw a kitten on the other side of the fence. That night, her luck finally turned around.

fluffy gray kitten teddyFelicia the kittenAlyssa

Nine days ago, in the afternoon, a couple was outside with their dogs when they heard what sounded like a cat crying over their fence. Upon closer inspection, they saw a tiny stray kitten by herself, too weary to move.

The couple immediately went to check on her and brought a plate of food for her. The hungry kitten had crusty eyes and was very lethargic, but when she smelled the food, she mustered all her strength to eat it.

Despite being scared and exhausted, she continued to nip on the food, trying her hardest to survive.

stray kitten hungryShe was found in a yard all alonePuppy Kitty NY City

The family reached out to their local animal rescue, Puppy Kitty NY City, and asked if they could give the helpless kitten a fighting chance. Upon receiving the plea, rescuers sprang into action.

They picked up the kitten named Felicia and rushed her to the emergency hospital that night. She was extremely malnourished and was treated for hypoglycemia.

stray kitten hungryDespite being sick and exhausted, she tried to eat and never stopped fighting for her lifePuppy Kitty NY City

"She was hospitalized and getting veterinary care, but she made it through the night," Meagan at Puppy Kitty NY City shared.

Thanks to the timely rescue, Felicia was finally on the mend. Two days later, she woke up with a voracious appetite and a spring in her step.

kitten rescued sweetAlyssa

The kitten devoured all the food she could fit into her belly, walked around her recovery kennel, and even rediscovered her sassy side with hisses and swats.

She put on a feisty show, but deep down, she was a softie for a good head scratch.

hissy kitten energyAs she healed, she rediscovered her sassPuppy Kitty NY City

After a few days at the hospital, Felicia was well enough to go to a foster home to continue her recovery and begin socialization.

Bountiful food and encouraging words quickly chipped away at her fear. Felicia warmed up to her foster mom, Alyssa, and allowed her to pet her and move her into a spacious playpen.

sweet gray kittenShe went to her foster home to continue her recovery and start socializationAlyssa

"Everyone was so worried whether she'd make it, and thankfully, she received prompt care. She's on a few treatments and staying with me until she's feeling better," Alyssa shared.

When the kitten spotted a swinging mouse toy, she instantly batted at it with her playful energy.

kitten playful toysHer playful energy emerged when she saw toysAlyssa

She was curious about her new surroundings and excited about all the adventures, taking everything in and tilting her head in wonder.

Over the next few days, Felicia filled out nicely. Her eyes were clear and bright, and her fur coat seemed fuller, softer, and shinier.

sweet kitten tongueAlyssa

Felicia has blossomed into a little gray teddy bear with a newfound zest for life. She closes her eyes and melts into her foster mom whenever she's petted.

The second a toy appears, she's in attack mode - she doesn't miss a beat.

playful sweet kittenAlyssa

A few days ago, Felicia was fighting for her life. Today, she's thriving, bouncing around, and loving life.

"Now that she's feeling so good, she's showing her personality, and she's such a sweetie."

gray kitten sweetShe has blossomed into an adorable gray teddy bear with a big personalityAlyssa

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