Fascinating Video about Rescuing Feral Cats

Fascinating Video about Rescuing Feral Cats


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Feral cats are the offspring of stray cats that were abandoned by their owners. Stray cats generally can be adopted by a new family because they have previously socialized with humans. However, the second or later generations of the stray cats are distrustful of humans due to lack of human socialization. A stunning number of feral cats are euthanized because they are not able to find a home.

Feral cats also breed at an alarming rate. Since many feral cats end up dying from diseases or being preyed on by predators such as coyotes, feral dogs, wolves or bears, getting them neutered or spayed can help control the size of feral cats' colonies.

Trap-Neuter-Return Program is helping to solve the issues about feral cats. They crate the roaming cats, send them to a clinic to receive neutering or spaying operation, but most of them have to be transported back to the wild. The kittens will be put on adoption right away because they have much higher chance to be adopted.

Here is an amazing video of how the rescue of feral cats works:

There is article from the Phoenix Animal Care that provides a lot of tips on how to help feral cats:


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