Featured Cat Story - New Member in Our Family

Featured Cat Story - New Member in Our Family


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Two months ago, Karen M. entered a picture of her beloved ginger kitty, Rayne, into the Cat Sleeping Pose Photo Contest, but before the contest started, Rayne left us for the Rainbow Bridge. Karen was heartbroken and sadly decided to withdraw from the contest.

Love Meow dedicated a post as a memorial for Rayne.

Recently Love Meow announced the first Lolcat contest from which I received an entry from Karen of a kitten that I had never seen before. It was a beautiful black kitty that immediately warmed my heart with her gorgeous big eyes and adorable big ears.

In the email, Karen shared her story about the new member in her familiy:

There is a new little one in our house. It was very hard to deal with Rayne's passing and the house was too quiet, I couldn't deal with it much longer so I went out and adopted a new little one for my local SPCA. She is all black but the odd white hair here and there, her brother was all white and I bet if I had been able to look close I might have found a few black ones on him but he was playing antisocial.

But little Pocket came right to me, loved and kissed and was all over me, she even bit the tail of one of the other kittens when he came over to see me. She won me over and I had to have her. She's been with us a little over a couple of weeks and has brought a lot of happiness and a lot of laughs back into the house. I love her so much. I have a picture of here attached with this email and I also want to enter her in the LOLCats contest as well.

- Karen M.

It is always a wonderful feeling when a kitty finds you at the animal shelter.

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