George and Millie Bengal Cat Story

George and Millie Bengal Cat Story


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George and Millie are two lovely Bengal cats that never run out of energy. Their hooman Mr. Fibble said that "Being Bengals, they both have rather feisty characters. They are exceptionally curious and intelligent. They're both fascinated by water and George has even learnt to turn on the tap with his mouth. It was fun at first but returning home to a tap that has been running all day isn't doing our water bill any good."

"They both like to be wherever you are and doing whatever you're doing. So if you have a new parcel, they want to get in it before you, if you want to cook something, they're there opening the cupboards for you (yes, they can do that too)."

"They like to get high up in the room and regularly fall asleep on top of doors. It's a wonder they never fall off. Millie is more of a lap cat than George, but they're both very affectionate and have not a single ounce of malice in their bodies."

Photos and story courtesy of Mr. Fibble. You can see more photos by Mr. Fibble here.

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